Silver Seal Mattress

This sensational mattress is perfect for those who prefer a sumptuous feel. The Silver Seal mattress features Rheia foam which performs wonderfully with the two natural layers to ensure you are cool and comfortable, whilst the 2000 Pocketed dual spring system supports you in your natural sleeping position.


2000 Pocketed Posture Springs*

These individually pocketed coil springs are highly responsive, responding to every movement of each sleeper to ensure maximum support. They are designed to minimise partner disruption and are the perfect partner to our innovative comfort layers.

*in a 150cm mattress


PostureFLEX Micro Pocket Springs

Designed to give three dimensional support this micro pocket spring system precisely pivots and moulds to your body contours providing exceptional comfort and pressure relief.


Rheia Foam

The advanced open cell design of Rheia foam delivers four times more airflow than standard foams. The modified surface design of the foam turbo charges the air flow within the mattress whilst providing instantly adaptive support.



Designed to provide optimum support to all the edges of your mattress; minimising roll-off and maximising the sleeping surface area.

 Wool, Tencel Silk, Bamboo and Alpaca Wool – Luxury natural fibres have been cleverly blended to provide sumptuous comfort and a natural moisture management system that helps to regulate body temperature.

Wool, Cashmere and Silk – Natural fibres are the ultimate temperature control system for mattresses. Our special blend of wool, silk and cashmere provides a sumptuous cool and fresh sleep environment.

 Wool Tufts

Belgian Damask Sleeping Surface


Easy-care, no-turn

 Mattress height: 30cm

Made in the UK
8 year guarantee

Mattress fabric design available in Chic Navy or Chic Grey option.


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