How To Stay Cool In Bed This Summer


Leg in or leg out? Duvet on or duvet off? When it comes to sleeping during hot, sweaty summer nights, the choices and (torments) are endless. Your bed should be a cool, pleasurable haven to retreat to after a day of fun on the beach (or sweating it out in the office). So if your sleep is being interrupted by too much heat too often over summer, here’s how you can cool down and get comfortable after dark…

Change your duvet

The lower the tog count, the cooler your duvet. Goose feather and down duvets allow excess humidity to naturally escape – ensuring a superbly comfortable night’s sleep. Spundown duvets are filled with microfiber (very fine fibres of less than 1 micron diameter), which allow moisture to be transmitted through the material away from your skin. Machine-washable, they’re the best solution if you want to keep your bedding fresh and hygienically clean during bouts of punishing summer heat.

Go bigger

Snuggling up to your partner, children or a pet may be part of your normal bedtime routine, but close body contact can magnify feelings of stuffiness. Give each other space by trading up your current mattress size from Double to King, or from King to Super-King. Adding a divan or ottoman base to your order will give you plenty of much-needed storage for winter duvets and bulky bedding.

Up your spring count

The more springs your mattress has, the more support it will offer you. Because the springs work independently, you stay put even if your partner moves. The upper layer moulds to your unique body print, while the lower layer compensates for even the tiniest change in weight distribution. Even on the hottest of nights, tossing and turning is eliminated – freeing you up to drift into a beautifully restorative sleep.  The Slumberland Amore mattress offers a 3300 total spring count and is the first mattress to be awarded a Mumsnet Best 2016!

Seasonal rotation

Flipping your mattress over encourages an even settling of the high-quality fibres while giving you a fresh sleep surface to luxuriate on. Look out for designs with a wool-side for winter and a cotton-side for summer to balance temperature swings that can cause restless nights.

Maximum Airflow

Unlike traditional spring mattresses, the Slumberland Harmony Collection offers an unrivalled level of breathability and temperature control. That’s because the revolutionary construction of Affinity™ Foam has an innovative open cell structure that allows more air to pass through it. The end result is a mattress which enables you to enjoy a healthy clean and well ventilated sleep environment.

Fight off allergies

Summer can be brutal if you have allergies. Choose a mattress which offers you extra protection against dust mites that are known to trigger asthma attacks. The Affinitex top layer in the Slumberland Harmony Collection incorporates Actipro® which neutralises bad bacteria and allergens for the lifetime of the mattress.

Keep hydrated

Most healthy adults ought to drink a minimum of three litres of water a day. If you work outdoors during the summer, this rises to five litres. Drinking water before bedtime is not only refreshing, it’s especially good for replenishing lost fluids. It balances your hormone and energy levels, along with your joints and muscles – relaxing the body so it’s rejuvenated by the morning. (If you have kidney or heart problems, or a frequent urge to go to the toilet during the night, drinking water before bedtime is not recommended, as it puts extra pressure on the kidneys.)

Snack right

A handful of poppy seeds (not suitable for children, or for consumption in large quantities) or a spoon of raw Fenugreek seeds will regulate your body temperature. Adding a tablespoon of honey to cold milk or drinking a glass of coconut nut also has fast, effective results.

Keep the window open

The best temperature for sleep is around 68°F (20°C). Opening your window (even slightly) will allow fresh air to circulate around the room – naturally regulating your body temperature. If it’s too noisy, invest in an air purifier which cleans the air to provide a safer and more hygienic sleeping space.

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