Standard foam vs Affinity™ Foam

Efficient air circulation is essential for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. A standard mattress is like a closed box, storing all the heat our bodies produce and keeping it there. A well designed mattress, using the correct materials, uses air flow to keep heat away from the body – keeping us comfortable and aiding a restful night’s sleep.

Standard or Memory Foams

One of the most common complaints people have with their standard foam or memory foam mattress or topper, is that they are too hot. Nights are spent tossing and turning, moving around agitated, in an attempt to get cool. With memory foam in particular, it’s difficult to do that as your body sinks and moulds into the material. You sweat, feel uncomfortable and accumulate moisture. This is one of the main reasons memory foam mattresses are disposed of.

Affinity™ Foam Affinity™

Foam is much more breathable than memory foam. That’s because its revolutionary construction has an innovative open cell structure that allows more air to pass through it. The porous nature of the foam allows air and moisture to pass from the top of the mattress through to the bottom. The end result is a mattress which enables the user to enjoy a healthy, clean and well ventilated sleep environment.




Affinity™ Foam: three levels of comfort

The unique open cell structures within Affinity™ Foam that enhance breathability also vary the comfort of the mattress. Put simply, Affinity™ Foam has been cleverly engineered with varying cell structure densities to create these distinct comfort levels from soft to firm.

If it’s support that you need, then a tighter, denser foam is needed – for firmness. For a feeling of comfort, the Affinity™ Foam has a slightly more open structure – still offering support, but with a much softer feel. And for full depth luxury, the cell structure of the foam should be much wider – for a cushion sensation.

Affinity™ Support

 Support grade foam engineered to be part of the comfort foundation in every mattress

High density construction


Affinity™ Comfort

 Comfort grade foam designed to be ultra-responsive and supportive

  Medium density construction


Affinity™ Cushion

 Cushion grade foam has been developed to provide a softer more enveloping level of comfort

 Softer density construction


All mattresses

Developed in conjunction with leading comfort experts, just for Slumberland.

Unique and patented design delivers superior comfort and air flow.

Scientifically proven to be 30 times more breathable than leading visco-elastic memory foam and medical foam brands.

Invented to overcome heat issues associated with leading memory foam and medical grade foam mattresses.

Designed to deliver three support grades, each with ultra-high breathability properties.

All comfort grades feature a truly unique open cell structure with maximum airflow characteristics.

All grades of Affinity™ Foam have been British Standard tested to deliver the same resilience as pocket spring beds.

Affinity™ Foam grades have been specially designed to work in conjunction with each other ensuring the entire mattress remains breathable and ultimately fresh and cool.