Affinitex Top Layer

This unique feature offers a premium level of comfort. The material used in the stretch top layer is breathable and highly flexible under any kind of pressure. It can stretch up to 50% in every direction and assumes its original shape, even after constant use.



A unique and vital feature of the Affinitex Top Layer is the incorporation of Actipro®. The innovative Actipro® component neutralises bad bacteria and allergens for the lifetime of the mattress. This provides a restful and healthy night’s sleep – every night.

The Problem

The moisture and dead skin cells our bodies produce whilst sleeping create the perfect environment for mites and bacteria to grow. A standard mattress will contain millions of mites after just a few months of use. As well as being unwanted guests while we sleep, this can cause serious medical problems for some, by creating all kinds of allergic reactions.

The Solution

Quite simply, Actipro® works by using good pro-biotic bacteria to combat the bad bacteria in the mattress by removing the food source of dust mites, making the mattress habitat unsuitable for the dust mites to live.